Make Your Tithing Go Further with Company Matching Gifts

Nationwide, more than 5,000 companies and organizations support their employees and retirees with matching gifts. Employee Matching Gifts are donations an employer makes to match its employees’ charitable contributions. As 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, both St. Raphael School and St. Raphael Parish are eligible for matching gifts.
There is a list of companies with matching gift programs maintained by the Archdiocese of Louisville, however it is in no way exhaustive. We encourage donors to inquire if your company has a matching gift program. With a matching gift, your contribution to St. Raphael could be doubled, or even tripled! While some gift programs may not support religious affiliations (such as the St. Raphael Parish), these same programs will often allow for donations to a Catholic school, based on the educational nature of the institution.
Requests for matching gifts can often be handled online or with the completion of a simple form.  The process is usually very easy – just ask your employer. Your personal donations to St. Raphael are tax-deductible within the full-extent of the law.
Please personally check to see if your employer matches charitable gifts and double your donation!

          2018/2019 CATHOLIC SERVICES APPEAL

From the Pastor’s Desk… 
“Let us not hesitate when the Spirit calls.”  These words from Pope Francis have been chosen by the Archdiocese as this year’s 2018-19 Catholic Services Appeal theme.
Since officially becoming your pastor this past June, and having been serving you since 2017, I can say without a doubt, so many of you have not hesitated to step up and serve God, our Church, and one another. For that I am grateful.
Take last year’s CSA Goal for example. Last year our goal was $59,400.00 and 233 Donors. We brought in 136% of that goal: $80,836.00 and 354 Donors. Job well done!! This year I am asking you once again, to not hesitate when the Spirit calls because our goals were raised quite a bit from last year. This year our goal is: $75,900.00 and 358 Donors.
 I am quite confident that we will not only reach these goals, but we will surpass them as well. Please consider what you can give to the Archdiocese this year. Our generosity towards this appeal supports programs and initiatives to assist those who are poor and vulnerable, those who are going through life long formation and education, supports those men and women who are discerning a call to the priesthood and religious life. We also support our retired priests, our liturgical life, and we help contribute to other needs that may arise in our parishes and in our schools.
Remember, the only way we can do this, is if we do it together. If you have never given to the CSA, I encourage you to prayerfully consider making a donation. If you have given before, I encourage you to give again and if possible to increase your donation – I plan on increasing my annual gift this year as well. Let us continue to pray for one another, for our parish, and for our Archdiocese of Louisville. Your prayers, your stewardship, and your generosity will leave a lasting effect when it comes to helping others in need because the Spirit is calling us to help, let us not hesitate to make a difference in the lives of others. Thank you for all that you continue to do for our parish, our community, and our Church throughout the world. 
God’s Peace and Blessings, 
Fr. Shayne Duvall

To give to the CSA campaign:

Text to Give: text CSA2018 to 41-411



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