Youth Ministry

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach youth through evangelization, form them through catechesis and inspire them through service, thereby empowering them to serve others in their; parish, community, and world. We do this by reaching out to our youth (grades 7-12) in a variety of ways:

  1. Afternoon prayer sessions
  2. Themed evening gatherings and community building events
  3. Service projects with our church community and the greater Louisville area
  4. Mentoring programs to help create prayer leaders for our Masses
  5. Reaching out with newsletters and e-mail prayer reflections
  6. Inviting them to attend broader church events such as Archdiocesan retreats and National Youth Conferences

How Can I Get Involved?

Youth in 7th and 8th grade can come to formation sessions on Thursday evenings. High School Youth can join us for formation sessions on most Sundays from 6:30-8:30 p.m. All youth must have a signed permission slip and current medical release form, which can be down loaded at the bottom of this page. We ask that all youth dress appropriately; shorts must be no more than two inches from the knees, no sleeveless shirts and no inappropriate references on clothing. It is important that we reinforce proper dress because if we don’t youth will only learn from their peers and society.

Adults that want to collaborate with the Youth Ministry Program are invited, please contact Diane Justice. Youth Ministry is currently forming a team of adults to collaborate in youth ministry. Adults collaborate by praying, helping with formation sessions, planning events and assisting youth. (All adults need to have a current background check done through the parish secretary and attended safe environment through the archdiocese). If you’re a parent, you may feel like your child does not want your to collaborate with the program, but we need parents to help make the program successful and your kids want you to be involved even if they tell you otherwise. Parents today are very busy and youth don’t always get time with them, but helping with the youth ministry program can be a great way to spend time with your kids in a positive setting.


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