Service Ministry

Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming Committee’s goal is to reach out to new members of the St. Raphael the Archangel to welcome. We assist parish staff in hosting new parishioners’ gatherings by providing and serving food and babysitting during the event. Contact Toni Evans at 502-489-7563 or Susan Meyer at or 454-5806.


The Bereavement Committee strives to reach out to those members of the parish who have experienced the death of a loved one. A team prepares food for the bereaved family and takes it to the funeral home during the time of visitation. At times, the family may have a special request and the Committee makes every effort to accommodate that request. Contact Abbie Creed at 454-5077 or .

Giants Club Leadership

The Giants Club supports, sponsors, and helps fund the athletic and academic teams for all elementary school-aged children of St. Raphael the Archangel Parish. In addition, we promote Christian values and in conjunction with other parish organizations, we keep within the overall mission statement of the St. Raphael the Archangel Parish. All activities whether spiritual, scholastic, athletic, or social, are designed to contribute to the betterment of the parish community. Volunteers may serve as: Board Members, Sports Coordinators, Athletic Director, Coaches Committee or Uniform Committee. Contact Tracy Plumeri at 905-3062 or

Giants Club Coach

The Coaches Committee is a sub-committee of the Giants Club Boards and all coaches are selected and approved by this Committee. All coaches must complete Safe Environment Training before participating. This includes verified attendance at a Archdiocese of Louisville Safe Environment workshop and completed criminal background check. The committee looks for five core competences when choosing coaches: Values, Continuity, Teaching Ability, Experience, and Parish Service. Contact John Plumeri at 905-3063 or .

Giants Club Event Worker

The Giants Club coordinates the Invitational Volleyball Tournament, Christmas Basketball Tournament, and the Lenten Fish Fry’s. Money raised from these events help purchase sports equipment, ensure upkeep of the field and gym, as well as other expenses that may be incurred by the academic and athletic programs at St. Raphael. Contact Tracy Plumeri at 905-3062 or .

Men’s Club

The Men Club is committed to Christian stewardship within the Roman Catholic tradition. The mission is to meet the needs of men, women and children of the parish by sharing resources. The Men’s Club contributes to all Christian aspects and programs at St. Raphael, embracing all members of the community. The Men’s Club partners with the St. Vincent De Paul Society to coordinate the food baskets at Thanksgiving, coordinates the set-up and take down of picnic booths, hosts the annual golf tournament and submits names of boys and girls to the Principal for selection of the Doc Karibo Award. The club sponsors the annual Trivia Night that includes teams that dress in a theme (optional).  It is a night that you do not want to miss!                                       

Contact Micky Matran at 225-810-6407 or

Parish Picnic

The Parish Picnic Committee coordinates and directs the participation and efforts of parishioners working together to provide fun in a family atmosphere. It also provides our parish community with an opportunity to reach out and welcome the larger community to join us in that spirit of hospitality. Contact Matthew Durrett at 794-2739 or


The Sarafun group provides opportunities for St. Raphael senior adults to come together to socialize, take trips, and build community. The group meets once a month throughout the year. Contact Sharon Roberts at 456-6339 or


The Scouts develop Character and the integrity of the young male and female youths of our parish by promoting scouting ideals of duty to God, to country and self. The program teaches responsibility, leadership skills and builds confidence and strong self-esteem. 

Girl Scouts Contact: Kristin Klein, 836-8022 or

Boy Scouts Contact: Kenny Hoehler, 396-6689 or