Worship Ministry

Altar Server

Altar servers assist the priest during the liturgy. This includes Mass, funerals and school liturgies. Servers are to arrive 15 minutes prior to Mass, dressed in their Sunday best and ready to serve. We welcome students grade 5 and above. Training is provided at the beginning of each school year and in the spring. Scheduling is done on a monthly rotating basis. Contact Bill Farmer at 419-3962 or bill.farmer.40205@gmail.com.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) are entrusted to perform a special function for members of our parish family. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion help distribute Holy Communion on weekend, daily liturgies, and to the homebound. Anyone who has been confirmed is eligible to be an EMHC. Scheduling is done on a rotating basis and training is provided by the Archdiocese of Louisville. Contact John Raque at 296-5831 or john.raque32@gmail.com. Contact for Eucharistic Minister to the Homebound: Julie Donahue, 458-2602.


These ministers assist with seating, coordinating the collection, and distributing the Church bulletin at the end of Mass. This is an ideal “family” ministry with the young and old being able to participate. Assignments are for one specific Mass for a one month period. Contact David Worland at 245-8281 or dworland@bellsouth.net .


These ministers greet and welcome the community before liturgies and after Mass. They distribute the Church bulletin at the Sanctuary Lancashire Side & Sanctuary Assumption Side doors only. This is an ideal “family” ministry with young and old being able to participate. Assignments are made for each entry/exit door to the church. Contact David Worland at 245-8281 or dworland@bellsouth.net .

Hospitality-Gift Bearer 

All members of the parish are invited and encouraged to volunteer for this ministry. This is a wonderful opportunity for families, as well as singles or couples, to be active participants in the celebration of the Eucharist by bringing the gifts of bread and wine to the altar table at the Offertory. Contact Linda and Tom Steele at 643-0459 (Tom) or 418-3532 (Linda) or ninnasteele@gmail.com .

Proclaimer of the Word-Lector

The Proclaimer of the Word is to read the scriptures – that praise, glorify, and proclaim the Word of God during Mass. Proclaimers are assigned to a specific Mass on a rotating basis. We welcome Proclaimers of the Word who are high-school age of older. We provide training before the initial reading and then provide support as needed. Contact Tony and Carol Nall at 499-6167 or t.nall@twc.com

Worship Environment

The Worship Environment Committee strives to enhance the worship experience in accordance with the different liturgical seasons of the Church (Lent and Advent). Anyone interested in lending their talents: sewing, decorating, designing, gardening, or other creative talents would be a welcome addition to the committee. Contact: Rick and Karen Daniels at rickkeb@gmail.com or krdaniels1023@gmail.com .


A Sacristan ensures the church is set up properly for any services being held. A few of the responsibilities of a Sacristan are unlocking the church, checking the number of host in the tabernacle, preparing the wine and water cruets and making sure all the vessels, towels, and candles are in place. Contact Larry Veeneman at 458-2500 or lveeneman@sraparish.org .